"What's happening to me?"

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Hermione’s transformation shots "Life Gain", "Polyjuice", and "Figuration" (cat TF) by Trunchbull on Furaffinity

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Anonymous asked: Thank you for hosting my work. I am thefienddoyle and I want to join this group.


Always a pleasure to meet an artist!! Keep up the amazing work :D

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Anonymous asked: If you could contact someone who Photoshop or if you do, please tell them this lifehack, if you are really into full usually obese creatures such as cows pigs or hippos, or if you are into full transformation into animal then weight gain like if you were to do something humorous like "you fat ass" or "fat bitch" and the models usually range in the,sizes,of the earlier animals if they were the size of humans. THat would be great I would do it myself but I, don't know anybody who does.


Um NO.

I think photoshopping an already overweight person into a large animal and then calling them Fat Ass or Fat Bitch is incredible rude and unnessecary. I may be a fetish blog, but I have standards. What you’re describing just sounds intentionally hurtful.

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